Marketing Assembly Line: Progressively Assemble Your Brand

Hire out your marketing efforts so you can focus working on your company, not in it. Midtown Media takes the responsibilities usually tasked to a marketing department to help churn out sales and promote growth.

1. Building Your Story

Never forget that under all the numbers, every human being is emotionally driven. We want to attach ourselves to a narrative. We follow our beliefs and get behind leaders who stir our feelings. A good story will always win out in the end, we just have to help you find yours.

2. Your Online Presence

It starts with your site. Midtown Media will design a clean and professional website from start to finish to lend credibility to your online presence.

We then help you find the most relevant Social Media platforms to help connect you with your audience. Not all Social Media platforms were created equally. Find your strength and stick to it.

Driving Traffic

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it actually make a noise? Your website, Instagram, Facebook, or any page/online presence mean nothing without visitors. We're here to make sure everyone's around to here the noise your brand is going to make.

Strategic Partnerships

You're not in this alone. Business can be lonely and finding a stragetic partner who can help grow your audience is all a part of the process. We find creative ways to help you find the right partnerships to build your brand.


Check Out Our Recent Work


"We knew we wanted a sleek, minimalistic look to our site. The Midtown Marketing team helped us build a site with modern aesthetics that represents our brand well. It’s layout is easy for users to skim through with call to action in key parts of the site. Visitors to the site are staying longer and are more likely to download our app!

Thank you Midtown team! We will definitely work with your team again."

Qahwah House

"Midtown Media helped me launch the first Yemeni coffee shop in the Metro-Detroit area with an aggresively marketed grand opening. It included a big PR push and social media coordination that got everyone in the area talking. We eventually got coverage from NPR, Detroit Free Press, and Eater among other regional and national publications.

In the end, the launch campaign was a success and it helped us reach an even larger audience.

With the help of Midtown Media we are getting ready to launch our second store with more franchise opportunities on the way."

Inquire About Our Services

Web and Graphic Design

Beautiful graphics created by professionals in the top of their field and websites designed leveraging the latest technologies to ensure your credibility and legitimacy in your field.


If you're not first, you're last. Our SEO experts can guarantee your site will rank on the first page of Google after careful keyword research and planning.

Social Media Management

Not all Social Media platforms were created equally. Find your strength and stick to it. We help you find the most relevant Social Media platform to help connect you with your audience.

Digital Advertising

Know your demographic? Look no further than Midtown to help you gain immediate exposure to a flow of potential customers. Digital advertising gives businesses the ability to target customers based on numerous data points as well as demographics.


SEO is only the beginning to captivating your audience. To get real traction you need content tailored to specifications set by search engines to ensure that not only do customers reach your page, but decide to stay. Good content will help lead to a low bounce rate.


Our goal is to help you get your message across to the world, and nothing grabs our attention like a beautiful shot picture/video.

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Expert consultation

Contact us to get in touch with our experts to see exactly what your business needs to gain an audience, build a brand, or vamp up sales.


Every company is different and every service will be priced out to fit your needs. We want to help you grow and will provide the necessary arrangements to ensure you get expert level skills at a price point that allows you to scale.


We want to help you grow. Our team specializes in increasing your sales, followers, and brand awareness to take your company to the next level. Once we set a plan in motion we work tirelessly to take your business to the next level.